Facebook… What the…

Catching up on learning pathways with my ICT course before heading into Prac, I was reading about digital footprints. Basically, what information is out there about me. Digital footprint is not a new concept to me. I often Google myself to see what is out there. I am fortunate as I share my name with someone very famous so finding details about me is very hard, you have to really want it, but I looked anyway just in case. The uni course gave us an option or challenge of trying a Facebook app. Normally any app that says it wants access to my details I refuse, but I was game. It was interesting to see what was available to the public (though I am happy to say some maniac is searching my home town for Mickey Mouse at a study desk). I was surprised to see that my photos are open to everyone, that was disturbing. So I jumped onto Facebook, into the settings, with the intention of hiding these from people, Facebook has hidden this option well cause I haven’t found it yet, I did however find a page for App Settings.

I try to cull apps and games I don’t use often as they clog up my news feed, but I was very surprised to see the amount of apps that have access to my details or that of my friends. There were things in there that I had never seen before.. that’s disturbing.. and having never been in this section of Facebook before I wonder if anyone else is in the same boat. That’s a good 5+ years of liking stuff I’ve never used since.

This whole exploration started with an app Take the lollipop. If you are game, give it a go. I deleted the app as soon as the video finished, through App Settings, and though it recommends having the speakers up loud, or headphones on, I don’t recommend that if you are jumpy…


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